Scuba Bubble Diving Club in Sidon

Scuba diving is a water sport in which you dive to the bottom of the ocean; To be through which to objects, and strange things found on the ocean floor. The gable is that there is a specialist in this sport in Sidon for all ages. There are tools that must be present while diving, including a diving cylinder, diving jacket, regoliter, glasses, fins, buoyancy control device, depth gauge, dry suit, snorkel. A beginner with the scuba bubble club can dive to a depth of 8 metres, with a coach with him underwater, of course. It is necessary for everyone to know that the bottle is not an oxygen bottle like the one in the hospital that is impossible to dive into, but rather it is a bottle that contains the same air we breathe Nitrogen-Oxygen with special equipment that reaches the mouth and all of it is very safe.
This club communicates with many universities to present them with the idea of ​​an elective course about diving, sea and marine wealth and all these matters by giving classes in universities to educate students about diving and marine wealth. In addition to the launch of the first scuba diving for kids club for children from 7 to 13 years old. They started with more than one child and the situation is excellent.
As everyone knows that there is internal tourism on the mountains, valleys and rivers in Lebanon, the club wants to have internal tourism under water. Through NAUI, every club in Lebanon can visit any other club through diving trips in all regions. The scuba bubble club has made trips to Tripoli: Tabarja, Tyre, and others..
The very special thing about diving in Sidon is the presence of Sidon Water Park, which is the largest water park in Lebanon and the Mediterranean basin. The park is a joint dream of the Syndicate of Professional Divers in Lebanon and the Association of Friends of Saida’s Minister of Beach, to have a water park in the vicinity of Sidon Ziraat that will be an attractive point for fish of all kinds and a destination for diving enthusiasts and professionals in order to stimulate eco-tourism and marine life in the city. In this park, there are six tanks, four tankers and two warplanes, provided by the army command. These mechanisms constitute a safe haven and homes for fish of all kinds on the sandy seabed in the vicinity of Sidon. The interesting thing is the large number of people who went to Sidon to explore and dive in the water park. The visitors are amateurs, professionals and novices, not only from Lebanon, but from outside Lebanon as well and from all over the world.
Many people do not know that diving is not only in summer but also in winter. In fact, it is more beautiful and a unique experience that is not found in any other type of diving, as it allows divers to see unique views that are not provided by diving in high-temperature waters. In addition to the night diving, where diving at night differs from diving during the day, because there are a group of plants and marine creatures that appear only at night, which provides a unique experience different from the experience of diving in the same place during the day.



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