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Al-Tawfeer supermarket is considered the cheapest discount supermarket in Lebanon and it has more than 19 branches distributed in the Lebanese regions of Masaken, Abbasseya, Sarafand, Ghazieh, Ouzai, Kfar Rumman, Aba, Ain El-Delb, Sabra, Hasbaya, Dower, Wadi Al-Zeina, Battle, Qana, Majadel, Aitaroun Mareijah, Rashaya, Souk El Gharb, Tabarja, Raouche and Zouk Mosbeh. Al-Tawfeer Supermarket is located in Ain El-Delb - Saida, where it attracts many customers. Inside the supermarket there are all kinds of canned goods of different brands, chocolate, biscuits, sweets, juices and soft drinks, dairy products and many other departments, with tempting offers offered to its customers from time to time.

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Place Location - موقع المكان

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