From Our Childhood We Loved Dabke


When you say “Ghandour” the pride of the Lebanese industry, the memory goes back to everything that Ghandour Company produced, such as Dabkeh, Unica, Tarboush, Tutti Frutti, Yamama, Lucky Biscuits 555 and others, which were part of every Lebanese’s childhood. The beauty is that it was and still is the same food today, with the entry of some new varieties that contributed to the promotion of the company’s name locally and abroad. This company was founded in 1857, and at first it was a small and modest factory in Beirut Souks selling comfort and sweets.


This company has developed a lot over the years, it has expanded and surpassed reality to be located in a very large factory. When you come to visit this factory, you need hours to walk around it and learn about the methods of preparing sweets through steps that express the extent of Ghandour’s ability to maintain quality since its establishment until Today, it currently has factories in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon and India and serves the Middle East, North Africa, South and East Asia. The company produces and exports chocolate to almost all countries of the world, including chocolate, wafers, biscuits, cake, chewing gum, oil, and others.. Its products are still preferred by all Lebanese.


The varieties of Ghandour Company are very diverse, we lived and grew up on them, but the best biscuit is the very famous Dabke Biscuits. Dabkeh is a folkloric dance that represents the pearl of the folklore heritage of Lebanon. These biscuits contain a lemon flavored cream covered with two layers of Ghandour biscuits, and another with Rahat lokum flavor, which achieved a very high sales rate. Hence, we can say with confidence that Ghandour Company succeeded in reaching a flavor identical to the taste of Raha Lokum, which is the oldest dessert in Lebanon. When you eat Dabke biscuits now, your memory takes you back to your childhood. How beautiful it is that Biscuits is able to remind me of my Lebanese childhood, whether I was an expatriate or still in Lebanon. Dabke biscuits can be eaten with tea, coffee, on a picnic, at school, and it is suitable for all times.



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